Monday, 24 August 2009

The Cost of EU Membership

Next year our membership of the EU will apparently increase by 60% to £6.4 billion.

Apparently we 'should be sharing the burden of membership' with the new countries from Eastern Europe according to the Government.

Hopefully someone will do a cost benefit analysis of this. I for one increasingly wonder whether the cost is worth it. I'm sure there are many others who will be thinking the same this evening.


Ben said...

According to, total local and central government spending in 2009 is £638bn, putting this higher EU figure at broadly 1%.

Lets assume that we're a net contributor to the tune of 100% and get none of it back.

£164bn in local government, £110bn on pensions, £110bn on health care, £122bn on defence, education, and welfare.

The government's "credit card" has £794bn on it, up £181bn on last year's figure of £613bn. We spent £30bn, a little under 5%, paying the interest.

Roysses said...

The £6.4bn is the Gross amount.The farm subsidies received back, plus infrastructure and dsignated area support halves that amount.

We waste more than the £3bn net cost on appalling Ministry of Defence project management according to the Select Committee

Rather than EU bashing, lets get our own Government Depts in order

Roysses said...

The £6.3bn is the Gross cost

When the farm subsidies, infrastructure grants and special area support payments are deducted, the net payment is nearer £3bn

Our own Ministry of defence is currently wasting more than that, according to the Select Committee. so worry about sorting out UK profligacy before bashing the EU