Monday, 25 May 2009

MPs Expenses - Sorry

I haven't posted anything for almost two months, no excuses really, just very busy running the businesses (the early Summer is often the busiest time of year for us both in relocation and at Rubyz) and also the County Council and European elections have been taking a lot of time too.

An anonymous person made this comment yesterday on the thread following the last post I made, entitled 'Funny and Apt':

Ok now please make a comment about the Tory MPs who have made claims and have been found out.

Whats your views on Sir Peter Viggers and others

I do not think this is a case for political point scoring.Tax payers money was abused by people put in a position of trust and yet they acted like common criminals.

Are you really the right candidate for my area.Have you the maturity,intellect and desire or are you jumping on the gravy train.

You certainly need putting in your place and after this blog it may come back to haunt you as you have lost my vote.

He or she is right. Looking back that post now seems crass and ridiculous.

The post was made on April 1st, an appropriate date for it. Who could have thought that the kind of information we have been seeing over the last few weeks would have come out at that point. I certainly didn't.

The behaviour of MPs from all parties has shamed anyone involved in politics. I'm ashamed now to have made fun of it with that post.

Am I going to remove it? No.

I think it's better to leave it where it is and to make sure those comments remain too to show that there was a point at which the whole thing seemed incredible. And more importantly to show that sometimes you can be wrong and need to say sorry.

In hindsight I shouldn't have published that post. I was wrong and I am sorry.

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