Sunday, 4 January 2009

Drugs? All Bad, full stop

The Telegraph has a story saying that Government advisers are recommending that ecstasy should be downgraded from a Class A to a Class B drug.

I'm very glad to read that Jacqui Smith is likely to ignore their advice.

I've seen close up the effect that drug use has.  Those effects can be long lasting, slow to show their effect and can manifest themselves in so many ways, always negative.

To my mind there are no drugs that are good, none that are slightly better than others.  The effects of all of them from cannabis to heroin are negative.  Let's stop kidding ourselves by giving them different designations.

Drugs are all bad.  Full stop. 

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Anonymous said...

I would hope you include alcohol and tobacco in your rant. After all there should be no discrimination and all substances should be treated equally. This is where policy should be coming from.

Even some of the illegal substances arn't as dangerious as their legal counterparts and urgent goverment attention is needed both nationally and internationally to bring rationality.